Here are the 2013 and 2018 logos of “ButikSultan’s”. The theme requested by the client is to be shiny as possible, emphasizing the diamond. Back in 2013 ButikSultan’s was all about custom accessories, custom shoes, bags etc. After getting on competing e-marketplaces ButikSultan’s brand expanded the product line to more prepared, ready to ship, not custom items. So I’ve designed the logo to be more plain while keeping the diamond, and color theme.



Alpenga had different sub branches within the company, they mainly focused on DJ products and one of the Pioneer certified institutions. Main goal is to emphasize Pioneer brand (Font) and location being a rooftop.

Horizontal Version
Another version

Permanent Makeup Artist ÇM

This is a special project, customer didn’t really had anything in mind, had lots of revisions and completed in a really short time. Variations of purple and dark pink colors used for “luxury” feeling. Curvy fonts used to give feminine look.

XND Techstore

Customer requested Netflix like shape and shadowing with different colors.

Ayır-aç Book Reading/ Listening App

ebeyler . com

Men first ecommerce site.


Learning platform for moderators. Name is from Chinese

Team Heroes

In-house team logo, designed according to name. Pronet company colors emphasized.


Personal branding and logo for upcoming project on youtube, tiktok and other platforms.


High-tier Valorant game streamer/ YouTuber