I do product shootings and some experimental mobile photography. Hit me up if you want me to take your portrait.

Product Photography

Unedited, as you can see shot took place in my living room. We create our own opportunities. Canon EOS M
Shot at living room 🙂 Canon EOS M
Before (iPhone XS Max)
After Photoshop

Experimental Artistic Mobile Photography

These pictures mostly belong to Muhafız Era, an Instagram account named after Turkish Netflix Show, The Protector. Account was run at the times I was working at Pronet, which basically means protecting people, their houses and offices is my daily thing. So name was a good fit for the concept and the time.

Muhafız Gaming
“Connected” yes pretty generic
Muhafız wondering around
Coloring the darkness inside me artificially
After – “Trapped”

Edited on Mobile

Sucking artificial drinks to lighten up
After, all edits made on an iPhone,
-tiles are off-

Scenery on Mobile

Nothing much 🙂

Eskişehir, Tepebaşı
İstanbul, Emirgan