Furkan Taşdelen

Personal Information

Cell Phone:
+90 535 264 62 91

[email protected]
Living in:
Avcilar, Istanbul.
B class drivers license (active driver);


Soft Skills
– Team player and a natural leader.
– Confident.
– Active listener, empathic.
– Creative.
– Innovative, investigative.
– Honest, responsible.
– Conflict solver.
– Complaint management.

Digital Media Related
– Social media management.
– Digital design.
– Videography, editing.
– Content moderation & reviewing.
– Blogging, conceptualizing.
– UI, UX enthusiastic.
– Wire-framing.

– C# & Python | Novice.
– Post planning tools eg. Hootsuite.
– CRM (Zendesk, Salesforce…)
– Adobe CC;
— Photoshop, Proficient.
— Premiere Pro, Proficient.
— Illustrator, Developing.
— After Effects, Developing.
– Final Cut Pro, Developing.
– Microsoft Office Excel, Proficient.
– Stable diffusion, Llama, Midjourney, GPT, whisper

– Turkish, Native.
– English, C1.
– German, A2.
– Arabic, A1.

Work Experience

Operation Manager
Telus International | Sep 2023 – ongoing

  • Managing operation of customer service for leading fast-fashion brand with around 300 agents.
  • Providing service to multiple languages (German, Dutch, English, Turkish)

Content Admin aka. Swiss Knife
Starmaker (StarX Studios) | June 2022 – Sep 2023

  • Ranking content uploaded by users.
  • Creating events in weekly and daily basis.
    • This includes creating related video, banner, icon any kind of digital asset related to that event.
    • Actively using tools like Adobe Firefly, Stable diffusion to improve work efficiency and quality.
  • Updating song catalogue with different songs.
  • Hosting and creating Live Voice Room events.
    • As of November minimum 3 live events per week.
    • As of January managing a team of 6 to organize events every day.
  • Daily user support.
  • Translation QA and occasional support.
  • Creating marketing material for advertising platforms.
  • Quality singer hunting.
  • Developing experimental chatbot with the recent advancements in AI and LLMs.

Community Content Specialist aka. Content Moderator
Bytedance (TikTok) | December 2020 – March 2022 | 9am to 2am Shifts

  • Maintaining safety of the platform by enforcing community rules on videos.
  • Reporting content and accounts that need emergency action (eg. self harm, minor safety) to relevant stakeholders.
  • Proactively researching trends, news etc. for potential risks to the platform.

Alarm Monitoring & Technical Support Customer Representative
Pronet Security Services | July 2017 – April 2020 | 24/7 Shifts

  • Responding emergency signals like fire, theft etc. (Outbound)
  • Helping customers facing malfunction on their alarm systems (Inbound & Outbound).
    • WOW Service Award.
    • 2018, Q2 Star.
    • Agent Helper Software (C#), MacOS Camera Integration.
    • “Fikir Küpü” Project, Core Member.

E-Commerce, Social Media, IT, Sales…
Short-Term, Freelance and Project based experiences

  • ButikSultans, social media strategy development, website designing, integration with major platforms, freelance since 2014.
  • Appen, providing data and training to AI projects like Bing Maps, annotation, freelance.
  • Alpenga, social media management, website management, operation strategy, logo design, interactive dj platform launch, project based, 2020.
  • Almila, international sales representative, content creator, IT support for Istanbul location, short term 2016 – 2017.
  • Doga Schools, exhibitor, photographer, videographer/editor, student employee, short term, 2012-2013.

Education Background

Istanbul University | 2016 – 2020
Faculty of Literature | Linguistics

  • Student of honor, GPA: 3,06/4.
  • IU Debate Club, member.
  • Linguistics Club, founder member, head of digital media.
  • Global Understanding Project, member.

Esenkent Okyanus Highschool | 2013 – 2016
SciMath | 100% Scholarship | GPA: 86,9/100

  • Global Climate Project Competition, Kenya, 1st prize.
  • Destination Imagination Competition, İstanbul, 2nd prize.
  • ICYS, International Committee of Young Scientist, Izmir, 3rd prize.
  • MOSTRATEC, Brasil, Project Finalist.
  • Model United Nations, founder.
  • INSPO, International Science Project Organization, head of entertainment.

Impossible is for the unwilling.

John Keats