Vıdeo Content

Below, you will see bunch of videos I’ve created with little to no budget and zero equipment support. I didn’t get a chance to work in a professional video production environment after high school.

Aybar Gaming

Instagram banner animation.
Like animation
Quick DRAFT, logo is also sketched by me.

University Era

Narrated and edited by me. Camera work by a colleague.
Student interviews about the meaning of linguistics. Camera work by a colleague, tried to fix the audio in post.

On the right is an animation created in After Effects, about an upcoming event.

Live events during pandemic;

All assets and layouts used on livestream are created by me. Co-Managed the stream with a colleague.


It’s a thing… Experimental content 🙂

Trying out masking in Final Cut
Caution! Criticizes government, contains explicit language.
Short clip I prepared for Bytedance Smile Challenge.

Youngling Era (Before 18) on Youtube:

Please consider the date of the videos, all of the videos are shot and edited before the age 18.

Few clips shot and edited with professional Gear on the year 2012, 2013: